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Bayern sign 18 year old Portuguese midfielder for 80m €
We've got our own Martial now.

well, it's not 80m €, it's 35m € + possible 45m € bonuses.

Still, crazy money. Absolutely crazy. With this money, the kid is either a world beater or a flop.
Strange to see us gambling that high.
If he flops it will "only" be 35m € lmao.
Thiago can fuck off now.
I'm not ready to give up on Thiago. He was great in the Juve first leg, for example, even if he massively dissapointed for the second year in a CL semi first leg.

I could imagine Carlo getting the best out of him, just like Carlo got the best out of turnover machine & headless chicken Di Maria.

In summer, I expect Rode to leave and Höjbjerg to be officially sold.

With Alonso getting older and surely less game time, we'd have a midfield of Alonso, Vidal, Martinez, Thiago, Kimmich and Sanches. Sounds reasonable if you ask me.
Without Thiago there'd be too little creativity IMO.
what about the Juve youngster
He's loaned until 2017 and then Bayern has to decide if they'll buy him.
you mean Coman? He's a winger/attacking player. He'll cost us 20 something million € to sign permanently next summer, after 2 years of loan.
yeah Coman the Bavarian Caritas_07
great little player. Has impressed even more than Costa IMO
Ancelotti told Gotze to find himself a new club lol
Gotze would enjoy himself at Bournemouth

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