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Bottlers... Nothing Has Changed.
Even with players like Ozil, Alexis, & Cech

Teams like Chelsea, Utd, & City out of the majority of the race 

Arsenal still can't win the league.

Depressing and Bitter it begs belief. Can't even bring myself to rant.


So much for Arsenal being "more or less the finished article"

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Welcome back!
Love it when ridiculous comments come back to bite. Particular favourite "if arsnil win all their remaining games........"
Always bottlers mate!!

Comedy when Tottenham win the league too...
Well you obviously didn't strengthen the squad because there were no right players on the market so it's not Wengers fault lol
AG, who do you think Arsnil should've bought (realistically) over the summer to improve chances of winning prem this season?
That depends if they make it into CL
Well the 4th spot hangs in the balance for sure...

I don't really know which individual players would've helped us, there's always the risk of spending money and buying a load of flops. I think the main issue is that Wenger and the board made no attempt to strengthen the squad, Petr Cech aside, and this has massively backfired.

As fans, we want to see investment in the team because it represents ambition, if we fall short then so be it. The position we're in now it's impossible not to look at the situation and say we fell short because we didn't invest enough.

Very easy to point the finger this season!

We should've been building on the success of two FA Cups on the bounce but instead we've gone backwards...
(20-04-2016, 01:21 PM)zero Wrote: AG, who do you think Arsnil should've bought (realistically) over the summer to improve chances of winning prem this season?

Mate I've said it on a few other boards and truly mean it when I say Wenger could sign Messi and Ronaldo next summer and still struggle to win the League. 

Great guy great manager but has just gone soft with age and lacks the requirements to coach a championship winning side. Desperate for the new era but extremely disappointed we missed out on Klopp. He'll make Liverpool great again


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