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Obscene petrol City Vs The esence of Real Football RM. CL
Ahh alright, even Fergie didn' give a fuckup to that FA chupito.

So Liverpool still fighting to get a CL access, interesting.
(26-04-2016, 09:44 PM)Chikito.Sexappeal Wrote: With our B Team we could beat them 0-2 easily. 0-0, not bad. We have to win them and that's it.

Just win them at the Temple and that's it, easy, imposible to loose against these clumsy fools from Manchester. Just waiting for tomorrow to see who will be our rival in Milan.
You don't have to "loose" - 1-1 is PLENTY good enough
If you didn't see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears. Don't invent it with your small mind or share it with your big gob!
Man, is absolutely impossible to see those clumsy fools wining in the merengue temple. Mathematically impossible even. We have to play this game because is a formality, nothing else.

Benzema is out to get him ready for la Liga game, that will move Ronaldo as a number 9, I think that's is best position currently, and we'll put Lucas in the left, he will help Marcelo against Navas and he will make to work Navas back.

Casemiro is out too, Kross will be fresh to play there, when Kross makes a good game the team use to win always and add more goal rate with James or Isco. so Kross-Modric-(James-Isco).


With this teams the job should be done in 20".

We should go to Cibeles in order to celebrate the 11th though.
I think Bale would be better off centrally just behind Ronaldo with Modric/Kroos playing deeper & Jimisco on the right wing

1-1 tonight
Nanhh, Bale in thhe left. He wil condition them a lot. He played better than many people thought In the Isis stadium, Kross second half was sublime and the blue mancs looked like current United and Chelsea lol.

Modric is a top-notch player and we'll add Isco or James for more sexy stuff.

Poor Manchester Isis, it smells massacre for them.
I hope City wins it and then loses in the final.
Bayern mate, you are alive lol . Where is Hans? Still recovery? This silly game is going to kill us one day XD

Teams like Bayern and Real Madrid got many trophies because had to loose a lot before winning them XD
We have lost enough in recent years...
How do you value these 3 years of Guardiola Munich management?
Great but not fantastic because CL wasn't won. This team is much better then the triple winning team. Germany became World champions also (partialy) because of Pep.

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