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Obscene petrol City Vs The esence of Real Football RM. CL
No Ronaldo this evening!
So City will fancy their chances
Pink dipper crying like infant child @ 10 bells GMT


Why do you wish Ronaldo sale?
Playing with our B Team to keep players for Saturday should be enough to beat these clumsy fools.
Zizou is parking the bus this evening 

With our B Team we could beat them 0-2 easily. 0-0, not bad. We have to win them and that's it.

Just win them at the Temple and that's it, easy, imposible to loose against these clumsy fools from Manchester. Just waiting for tomorrow to see who will be our rival in Milan.
What is your take on Zizou employing similar tactics to Jose?


Man, we have controled all the game.

54% RM, away game with our B Team.
Minus Ronaldo = B Team???


Work to be done before you make the final
To be spanked by nearest rivals, Atletico 

Benzema was injured as well, and Isco and James were in the bench, low form or something like that or simply kept them for la Liga game. Zidane risked with our youth, and I love it....great ZZ TOP. The greatest besides Maradona and the hand of god.

Lucas, Jese and Casemiro. And don't forget, Carvajal and Marcelo coming from our youth academy too.

54% of possession despite of the first bad half, in an away game against the most expensive team & they didn't bother us at all, just sweet tickle, placid game and his best man was Hart. This golie has improved a lot under Pellegrini by the way, he is much better technically.

Plastic, you should be happy if you are a red manc supporter actually. Never seen an United Fan wishing well to City lol and you call me Pool fan?! lol or you are like Molly, and is all right to see a team waging the English Flag? LOL or you just wet your knickers to see Gallagher's team winning this?


Predicting a City victory is not the same as wanting them to win.

In battle of MASSIVE SPENDERS, Madrid hold the advantage next week.

Does this make me a Madrid fan now?


Half and half Madrid/Liverpool jersey for super cup final in August, pink dipper?

(26-04-2016, 07:26 PM)Chikito.Sexappeal Wrote: What time Chelsea and United play? I've checked it out, and I saw nothing about.

Only Liverpool is in action in midweeks... if you don't count West Ham-Man Utd rescheudled game....

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