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Liverpool v Man. Utd.
(11-03-2016, 04:15 PM)TEL Wrote:
(11-03-2016, 02:24 PM)Redser Wrote: Bullied and battered, from start to finish.
By a very average football side, might I add.

There's not much outstanding about the prem sides anymore mate to be honest. Tottenham are probably the best side and they ain't anything to shout about. Money has turned the prem into a haven for lazy cunts and money grabbers I'm afraid

And the fans love it that way! Don't you see how the pool fans were creaming their pants? Over beating a shit side like United?
I agree the money has reduced the quality of some teams but the overall effect is awesome, from the smaller teams' perspective. Incentive to play attacking football against the "big" sides and an opportunity to finish higher than they ever thought possible. You have to enjoy that for however long it lasts. Can't complain too much as the big teams don't do as well as they should in Europe anyways. Let's see Leicester and Spurs try their luck with big ears. They just might shock some of us!

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