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CL predictions
Bobby, put the money on Madrid if you want get son extra money.
We'll trash that petro team. And the next one to trash will be Munich.
just seen the knockout draw & there’s some good games there

City & Bayern being the only 2 ties where there’s an obvious winner

Chelsea Liverpool Spurs & United all have tough teams but the pick of the round has to be Madrid v PSG which could easily have been the final
I said it before that in the situation how this years CL groups were going 2. place in the group was better for Bayern. Yeah they got lucky but they had good odds of being lucky because of 5 english and 3 spanish clubs still in competition. Saying that if they get KO'd by Besiktas they should shut the club down. Also good news is that 3 of Madrid/Paris, Chelsea/Barcelona and Juve/Spurs will be out and even Sevilla/United won't be walk in the park.
Tottenham Vs Juve & Barça Vs Chelsea will be fun to watch.

I think Sevilla is a tough team for United.

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