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Show me the Money - Transfer time again
Soon all the banks will be lighting up with mega million transfers floating about. Lawyers, accountants, agents, club executives, media sorts will all mill around the camera, supporters will be hanging by the gates of their clubs and making buffoons of themselves before the media to get a glimpse of the new club saviors.

What a wonderful time this is for everyone. All in all this windows make break previous records and we'll have to wait to see if they pan out for the clubs.

Some surprises await all of us while some clubs will disappoint their legions of followers as well.

I believe the big money clubs will splurge while the desperate ones will start the sell off and hope for the best. 

Chelsea, M.U.F.C., Newcastle, Liverpool,  Bournemouth will spend considerably while Leicester ponders the big money potential in selling the Algerian Mahrez to PSG. They have secured their place in the PL and he is at his highest valuation. Vardy stays.

I expect Arsenal to do very little as Silent Stan is dealing with his NFL move to Los Angeles and NOTHING else matters to him now. He owns his land in Inglewood, and has applied for the move which will cost him $550 in the fee alone to the NFL, then he will privately build a $1+Billion dollar stadium.
Spurs are going to add some strength in the middle to gain their top four ambitions, Stoke needs a little more to be considered in the European hunt. West Ham still need the European experience with the Olympic Stadium seats needing to be sold. CP needs help in all areas, will they have the cash to do it? Watford looks suited to stay up, get the TV money and make moves in May. Everton will be a selling club I feel.

Aston Villa, Newcastle & Swansea seem destined for the Championship next year while Big Sam pulls off a last minute pardon and earns his bonuses come year end. WBA, Norwich, Southampton do very little that matters.
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Just my take.

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