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Gary Neville new manager of Valencia CF
Pretty interesting news.

After Nuno stepped down couple days ago, Gary Neville is taking over the job at Valencia until the end of the season.

Audacious appointment from the club, and a pretty big job for a newbie like Neville - Valencia is a huge club and also spend big in summer.

Obviously he got the job through the Peter Lim connection which also bizarrely had Phil Neville as assistant of Nuno this season.

And now Gary will jump in just like that and Phil will have to be his assistant Rofl

Neville will remain England assistant manager.

Can't wait to see what happens. Risky, bold move for both club and him. Well, bold from Neville, and rather crazy from the club Lol

But who knows, maybe Neville can show us what he's got and turn out to be a great manager?

Bold move, good luck to him Smile
[Image: QalfwEm.jpg]
At least he had the balls to go for it and will be handsomely paid to deliver. They are a big club and he should be serenaded by the great Manolo...
Long before Gary became a pundit, I stated at our old home that I thought he would make a great manager.
However after listening to him as a pundit, I'm not too sure...especially after taking up a job in a foreign land.
The man understands football and he was always a leader even in hislaying days.
My worry is that he seems set in his own way and his view of football.
If he hasn't seen it before, it has no place on the football pitch!
He has firm ideas us to how football should be played and he doesn't appear willing to entertain the possibility there just may be another way.

So we can expect big, powerfull midfielders at Valencia and crosses after crosses from the wingers.
In short, Valencia are going to become the most un-spanish of clubs, second only to Real Madrid under Mourinho...which may not necessarily be a bad thing.
So Negredo goes straight into the team to become that old-fashioned striker he constantly drools over.

How much of a success he becomes will depend on how much he's willing to learn.
If he goes in there to teach these Spaniards to play like men, he's heading for trouble.
The man is very knowledgeable and you can expect individual performances to improve perhaps not necessarily team performances.
My biggest criticism of him is that while he's great at recognising individual strengths and weaknesses he tends to miss that whatever an individual does is constrained by the greater team ethic.
He's great at spotting detail...unfortunately missing the bigger picture in the process!

Just some humility and he'll become a great manager.
Very interesting move... Although I liked him as a pundit in his first couple seasons on Sky I've grown a bit bored of him as he doesn't seem to offer much, he was just a breath of fresh air to the panel that had become tired and withered.

Even so, he does quite clearly know his stuff and working under Fergie for so long he will have great experience of how the great man, man managed. Whether he's able to implement a philosophy similar to Fergie's but in his own mould remains to be seen. He's certainly intelligent enough I feel but he's taken on a massive role after having basically no experience at being the number one at any club...
He won't last a year. No coaching pedigree, no previous stint at Club level, has to learn the language and he was/is a pundit. Add to all that, the widely assumed opinion that Spanish football and their personnel are superior to anything out there(especially English football). All recipe for disaster; Except he goes on a long unbeaten run...
Hmm. I doubt he'll be on too much of a hotseat (unless results and his relation to the team are terrible) from the start.

He's friendly with the owner apparently, so that helps (also in getting the job). Also they wouldn't hire him if they didn't grant him some time to adapt. Also it's just an interim job so far - until the end of the season.

That said, Valencia is a huge club and they spent huge in summer. Surely their minimum goal is EL, probably they were hoping for CL quali too.

On another note, I'm not sure whether this English football vs Spanish football thing might not be a bit overblow in this case.

Don, do you really think Neville will try to install a 4-4-2, give it to the wide players and cross it in football?

I could imagine his theoretical horizon, if not his instincts, has widened.

Also he has been assistant coaching England, so - would you guys say England play a distinct 'English' football?
I didn't watch any qualifiers but it seemed to me that they were implementing a more short passing style?

Are there any conclusions we could draw from the way England play, and their performances, to how he will work as a manager?
I wouldn't want to be so presumptuous as to second-guess the man but what the heck? Isn't that what a forum is for?
I doubt he will do that because he would soon find his team out-numbered in midfield.
I would imagine he will be looking "to make life difficult for the opposition" by packing his defence and sitting deep. 2 DMs?  I wouldn't bet against that.
Frankly I don't care what he does as long as his game doesn't restrict Parejo too much.
I can assure you there's going to be a lot of wing-play and overloading of the box in attack.
Now, where did we see that??

The man probably has to be commended for ditching his sinecure at Skysports for a real job.
I wonder why people are surprised a man like him didn't start at a East Fife/Stevenage.
Those jobs are for average guys looking to prove themselves or looking for recognition. When you've operated at the highest level like Gary has you are given the benefit of the doubt and it's assumed you are top class unless you prove yourself otherwise.

I repeat, the man is exceptional at pinpointing the smallest of details.
The question is will he miss that forest?
Why wasn't Neville in charge last night? It's not like he was appointed a day before the game lol. Was he too busy taking pictures with oranges?
I wouldn't want to take charge of my first game too, if it was against Barcelona.
I'm sure the management have got a good reason for him not being in charge(haven't read anything about it at the moment)

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