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England Vs France
Asides the recent tragedy, France have good reason to want this badly. They need to prove to the rest of Europe that they're in contention to win the tournament again and they need to keep their momentum going from the last win, considering they didn't play any qualifying match. Should be a good one too as a few if the French players also play in England and already know the English players well. 0-0, I predict.
I think it will be another 2-0 to France. I'm sure they won't really care much about beating England and to be honest, I don't really care if they beat us either. The French people need something positive to unify them further.
Saying that I would like Hodgson to give some of the younger players a go still.

Maybe the lineup should be


Yes, I think the midfield lacks experience but having Rooney in there will give some leadership and guidance in the side and while the guy doesn't score for fun anymore that quality will help.

I was relatively impressed with smalling and Bertrand in the defence, Jones not so much so giving stones a start would be better.

Also with Vardy out, giving Kane a second chance seems like the only option right now.
That isn't a bad line up at all. He already said most of his regulars are out injured anyway and he's going to have to rely on youth. He claims like 6 of his squad are under 22. Should be interesting.
Like I said, not fussed about the result. If they give a good account of themselves I'll be happy. Like you're suggesting. Giving youth a spin is no bad thing at all.

France's team looks a little aged except for the attack. Bags of experience. Their midfield is definitely better. I think trying to stay positionally tight, cutting off the supply when not in possession and then hitting them on the break when in possession might work
Giroud will tear us apart!
5 chelsea academy players started for End under 21s yesterday. Wonder how many will break into the 1st team
Hopefully all of them. This is what I don't understand. Chelsea has a very talented team. They could handle giving two or three youngsters a fight for a starting place. Maybe after the whole fucking form debacle at the bridge is over of course
(17-11-2015, 11:01 AM)AG86 Wrote: Giroud will tear us apart!

If he gets a start! So much talent to pick from in the French team!
(17-11-2015, 11:01 AM)AG86 Wrote: Giroud will tear us apart!

You were saying AG Ca
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