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Pep: Will he stay?
Reports in Spain are saying he'll sign a new 2 year deal. I hope he stays, I love watching Bayern play under him.
Some of the Arsenal faithful will have you believe he's coming to us at the end of his current contract but I don't really see why he'd want to do that...
Why not? I'm sure IF (?) he extends it will his last contract in Munich and I'm sure Wenger will stay at least one more season at Arsenal. In 2017 or 18 he could be there. There are a lot of arguments to go to PL, the biggest one is the challenge to win PL as in Germany the league is Bayern's even before the season starts and there will be no shortage of money to spend there. I don't know how valid is this report about his extension but I'm sure at the end of the month when they yearly board meeting is we'll know more.
I dunno I just don't think he'll come to Arsenal! I may be wrong though, sometimes I am...
They and United have head start on others in PL based on how they play already (possesion wise), have good academys, history and big budget.
The Wenger goes on you wouldn't believe we had a big budget at Arsenal!
It's funny because reports had him going to City in summer of 2014 already, then 2015, then now.

I always felt he should extend and hope he will.

To succeed Wenger afterwards would make the most sense for him, IMO, too. Don't see why he wouldn't be highly interested in that job.
I doubt he would go to the Emirates. They're set up nicely but I don't think there's anybody that can do what Wenger does at Arsenal, for Arsenal. The club will have to change a lot about how they operate in the transfer market and I think it will only take something drastic(like missing out on champions league football) for that to happen.

not so sure. They're not afraid to spend these days, it's more down to Wenger's instincts now.

Özil, Sanchez both cost more than any transfer Bayern have ever done.

Since Pep joined Bayern (summer window 13/14), we have net spent about 75m €.
Arsenal in that same period have net spent ore than 150m €.

Sure you can say the starting point was different, but Arsenal has more than enough financial power, and most of all have a team in place with which Pep could work (at least as it looks right now, who knows about 2017 or 18 ).

I think the idea of taking over Arsenal could be attractive for him. Of course, like Utd after Fergie, they'd have to get rid of the notion that a manager has to be there for decades, and maybe install a sporting director.
After all, Pep would prefer to only commit to one year at a time, that's why there's so much commotion now lol. He did the same at Barca, only extending each year for another year at the last moment.
He's a little diva, no doubt.

For example at City. They've spent truckloads, but would Pep be able to work with that team as seamlessly?

At United too, he'd probably have to change more players even though you've been buying many.

Of course, ultimately, he'll do a fantastic job wherever he goes. Best coach currently working by a country mile, each club he goes to, be it City, United or Arsenal, will be top favourites for everything immediately.
I agree with what you're saying Hans, it makes sense in a way for him to choose Arsenal if he were to come to the Premier League. There are rumours now circulating that Wenger could extend his contract for another season too...

Even so, I just don't feel like he'll join Arsenal, maybe that's more to do with our current board and the fact I have no faith in them than it is about Pep's own decision. I guess only time will tell, am I right? Caritas_07

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