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Arsenal vs Olympiakos
It's a must win but in all honesty I think we should be able to do it, if not then we don't really deserve to be in this competition!

Not too sure what changes the boss man will make for tonight, I think he may opt for Giroud ahead of Theo as the Frenchman is a bit more effective at home when space is sparse.  I guess we await news on The Coq but Arteta is not a bad shout if he has to start this evening.

Will it be the Columbian in goal again though? Apparently Cech needed a rest against Zagreb but quite how a goalie, at any age, needs a rest is beyond me.

All I know is that victory tonight will make Allin happy in more ways than one!

Actually I've just been reminded that Oli is suspended for this game so that means it'll be Theo leading the line, lovely jubly!
Best of luck to you Guy's tonight, keep the English flag flying Ap
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