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Lewa: 5 goals in 9 minutes after coming on against Wolfsburg

TV presenter calling it as it is Caritas_05
Don't speaks the German mate, what's he saying?
He says, clearly pronounced

"Der FC Bayern hat am Abend Borussia Dortmund aus der Allianz-Arena gefickt"

either the guy writing the teleprompter wanted to sneak some choice words in, or the presenter mixed up "gekickt" (kicked out) with maybe "gefegt" (swiped) to "gefickt", which you might, or should, know.
I.e. he says "Tonight FC Bayern fucked Dortmund out of the Allianz arena"
Haha! I mean it's not as funny if you have to explain the joke but even so I give that news anchor full marks.

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