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Lewa: 5 goals in 9 minutes after coming on against Wolfsburg
I'll email them.
Why e-mail when you can run a black bag protest? Or you should just storm the board room in an SS uniform...
(30-09-2015, 10:32 AM)AG86 Wrote: Great goal but there's nothing worse than playing music after you score, leave that shit for the small clubs.

I like it just not the one that is now, the one before was better and I don't mean Chelsea dagger.
Bayern mate, I like you, but music after each goal smellz.

On a side note, do you live in Ljubljana?
Nope, in Brežice!
Most of teams in England also have songs after goals now, don't they? Arsenal, Chelsea, Livepool, Spurs and United don't have as far as I know most of the rest they have I think.
That's what I mean by leave it to the small clubs!!
Your big clubs will have it soon tooo Caritas_05
It's only acceptable if it's drum and bass to be fair, some Noisia after each goal against United yesterday would've been heavy!
Tell your boys to defend like maniacs so that you won't have to hear that music in Munich.
I hope we get a resounding 2-0 again!

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