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The Shaw injury incident and video refereeing
Interesting article by Daniel Taylor about the Shaw injury and the discussion of video refereeing.

Touches the main problem I have with video refereeing.

Incidents WILL be controversial and not clear cut. That's why someone has to make a CALL, and that's the referee. Introduction of a video 'panel' of video referee only displaces the point where the call is made out of the pitch and out of sight.

The referee system, with the ref on the pitch making instantaeous calls, on the whole has worked just fine. There are plenty good referees who just make a good job, and where occasional mistakes don't stain the whole picture.

If you have incompetent referees, they will also be incompetent staring at a video screen, and the controversy will just be more complicated.

Quote:On the one hand, there is the argument that Moreno’s challenge was an automatic sending‑off judging by Uefa’s guidance for any tackle that has “excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent”. On the other, there is the counter‑argument that it was hard but fair and that, unfortunately in sport, injuries can happen without culpability having to be attached. It is a split jury. Nobody is going to disprove the other case and the only real conclusion to draw is that this surely kills, stone dead, the argument that video technology will solve these cases.
The decision would be taken out of the refs Hands Hans and whoever is in charge of reviewing the video clip would make the decision. It has to be better than what we have now.
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