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2015/16 Bundesliga
Pep is destroying Bayern, no doubt about it.
[Image: 12107003_10200897356513466_6393963104634...e=568A4350]
It's not Bayern's fault that the league is boring it's the fact that everyone else in the league is shit. Dortmund have had a resurgence this season but they still look miles off the pace. Munich will win the league unbeaten like they should've done in 2013.
Well in last 2 years under Pep the team for whatever reason was poor in second half of the season (that hurt them in CL, not in the league) so I hope this time it will be different. Others are shit compared to Bayern but it's not like they have much money (Wolfsburg excluded) to work with. Schalke for example hasn't spent at all in last 2 seasons despite playing in CL and selling players, but in their case stadium and debt payments are holding them back. Your second division team(s) have more revenue then 65% of German first division teams. Thats not an excuse it's fact as Rafa likes to say.
Tomorrow will be 300. Bundesliga game in a row where Bayern match (home or away) will be sold out.
No doubt half of them are glory hunting plastic wankers, eh? Just like every other big club in the world.
Who, opponents fans? Caritas_05
Does it matter? You have them all over Germany, just like we have United fans all over the world. We're all glory hunters! Caritas_05
But you don't see United, Real, Barcelona... sell out everywhere they go. Although I agree with you that fans are all over the world even if they didn't see their team once play in the stadium.
I guess we now know who has more plastic-glory-hunting-foreign-out-of-city fans Caritas_05

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