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2015/16 Bundesliga
In 2022 there will be a new Bundesliga 'Meisterschale' or championship plate trophy because there is no more room to engrave the championship clubs.
(22-07-2015, 06:11 PM)Referee Wrote: Has the 2015/2016 trophy already been handed over to Bayern yet?

[Image: article-0-1DB9878400000578-150_634x541.jpg]

History is to be made, going for the 4. straight title which has never happened before. Who are we kidding - thanks for congratulations.  Caritas_16
Who is your competition this year though? Bayern Munich seem so much further ahead than everyone else...
Yeah but Wolfsburg has a good team and a lot of money. But this year they will have also CL to play in. Bayern will probably win it easy but stranger things happened before. Dortmund should be good again with new coach and there is also Leverkusen.
Nicklas Bendtner!!!!!
Well they want to get rid of him but he doesn't want to go (won't get the same money elsewhere Caritas_05 )
That's a similar story with that muppet... They should keep him though because he's the greatest striker in the world so he'll fire them to league victory!
Well in that case ....
(23-07-2015, 09:27 AM)AG86 Wrote: Nicklas Bendtner!!!!!

St. Bendtner is a certain Balon d'Or winner.
Leave Lord Bendtner alone. He scored 2 or 3 goals last season, that's not nothing.

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