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Utd sign 19 year old striker Martial from Monaco for 80m €
50m € upfront, 30m€ later in bonuses.

I was already wondering where all the cash would be splashed.

A net spend of about zero so far, something had to be coming.

In the absence of available top player, a French kid whos' scored about 10 goals in his career must suffice Lol

It helps that Jorge Mendes is his agent Lol

And now, after 3 months of posturing, give Mendes another few million by selling De Gea to Real Lol

Woody is a genius.
He was only bought for 5 million euros 2 seasons ago lol
[Image: 11822416_416192301919704_194991909173784...e=563738C1]
That has to be the craziest fucking thing ever done on the transfer market.

The kid's almost as expensive as Di Maria.
The euro must be pretty shit now if it takes just £35million to get 80million of it. Having said that, van Gail has gone looney bin if he's really going to sanction that deal. I don't care what anybody says. He can't be that great if he's largely unknown in the footballing world(please Hans, don't come out with your usual "you don't know him because he doesn't play in England" bs)
I would love to eat a lorry load of humble pie IF the kid comes good. It's gradually going tits up at Old Trafford. Does Woodward wake up in the morning and just decides to sign the first name linked to us that he reads in the gossip columns? Madness!
€80m = roughly £55m or if you prefer it's €1.37 to the pound...
so maybe that figure includes wages

I keep reading it's £35m for the transfer fee which is roughly the cost of Bournemouth's squad

Yeah it's a panic buy but trust the sensationalist to quote something different, just to make a crazy situation sound even crazier.
I said 50m upfront, 30m bonuses. So there's your 36m pound.

L'Equipe and other French media have it at 60m € initial fee though, 80m including bonuses, so that's 40 something million pound.

So you're right, if he flops hard I guess you won't have to pay all the bonuses and it won't be 80m €.
Yeah, what exactly is ed thinking of? I'm worried at the astronomical levels being spent on unproven players being placed into a squad that is struggling to get good performances.

The only thing I approved of was him fucking around with Madrid. THAT was funny!
[Image: CNy-TjqWgAAg9GP.jpg:large]
Fucking hell Hans! I don't speak/read a word of French ffs! You mind translating?

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