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Charles Nicholas Esq...
I have to say ...this old sweaty plastic gooner ...who also spends a lot of his time on his knees giving large Sam a blow job...

 Kinda got it right when he said ...Utd may have got the RUNNERS UP title...( and some mugs on here are still shouting hooray ffs...)  ... he was absolutely correct when he said in spite of this... they ( Utd  ) were no where near as good as Spurs and LFC...

I have never heard a pundit risk a backlash  of  ugly manc fury like this hats off  for agreeing with the rational observer ( such as myself )

Yes indeed Jose and his ''over structured ''  out of date style of management have been exposed as a quintessential  cup team and also ran.   

...and yes I'm only just sayin like  Caritas_25
[Image: wales.jpg]
Correct mate although Allardyce turned your season around. I like him, he ain't gonna win you anything but he's the master of survival. Would love to see Mourinho try and do what Sam has done
If you didn't see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears. Don't invent it with your small mind or share it with your big gob!
'' he ain't gonna win you anything''

This is the main issue with Sam Tel...mine anyway... some Toffees feel way stronger than that...  however when it comes to 'fire fighting'  so to speak he is the 'go to man' ! 

However it's job thanks and goodbye ...

[Image: wales.jpg]

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