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R.I.P Eric Bristow
One of the greatest dart players to throw a dart, 5 time world champion and a 5 time World Masters champion, Eric broke the mould for a professional darts player, he was young and brash in a sport of older much duller players, affected by dartitus his game waned and he brought through the greatest dart player of all time.  The sport of darts owes him a debt it can never pay.

R.I.P Eric "The Crafty Cockney" Bristow.
"I have been over to the Kop at Anfield and was on my way back when a policeman took hold of a red scarf as it was a ragamuffin's. I told him off. 'Don't you do that,' I said. 'That's precious.'"

Bill Shankly

another big personality from the world of sport gone too early

I loved watching Eric when I was a nipper while Sid Waddell was commentating...
they were the perfect match & true legends of the game

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