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Beatlepool ???
Apparently there is a campaign to change the name of Aylesbury  to ...wait for it... AylesBOWIE ...

...The reason is because The great David Bowie ( I am a fan btw)  began his 'Ziggy Stardust' persona in this Bucks. town...

Personally I think it's  bloody crazy...

I mean on that basis we could easily have 'Abbots Curtis'   or even 'Terry Langley'  on the basis that a certain CFC loving musician lives there !!!    the thought of it ffs lol...

Ps...Tel ...I typed this whilst listening to your version of  'Let It Be' ... a song written by Evertonians btw... and very nice it was too mate ...
it's a shame the Eagles aren't from Oxfordshire or they could go with Don-Henley-on-Thames

Stonechester fits for the Stone Roses & would explain Bobby better too

or how about Shepherds Whoosh for the Who
Shepherds Whoosh takes some beating alright...What would the Geordies  think about 'AnimalCastle'  ??

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