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Carry On Follow That Camel...
FFS it must be a loafers paradise playing for EFC...

...I mean you get knocked out of every comp.  there is (with ease I might add )  and you find yourself a measly 9th in the PL...

...Btw '9th' only because most teams below you are  playing like  relegation candidates !  all at once could you believe ???

Does SA get out the full metal jacket hair dryer ...deny all perks and favours...maybe give them a thousands lines i.e. 'I must do better... a lot fuckin better' ???

Nope he takes the fuckers on a luxurious  trip to the sun drenched playboy resort of Dubai !!!

[Image: wales.jpg]
did SA supply taxis too or make them walk back after their spa treatments for some exercise

fucking nuts the WBA cab episode in Barca

who'd be a manager eh
Thing is States... if they get a result at Vicarage Road... I will have to eat my own words ( he typed in hope)  however boring tactics it will be methinks... 'Dubai or not Dubai '  that is not the question Lol
[Image: wales.jpg]
Watford have been awful for a while now & Everton play the odd good game so I think you'll be good for the points

with the attacking options at their disposal Everton should be scoring more goals though

I heard Bolassie rapping on the Alan Brazil show earlier & it was terrible
''Bolassie rapping ''

Luckily enough...I missed it  ... 
[Image: wales.jpg]
you were right then with all that pampering being a waste of time

Big Sam moaning about the lack of a natural finisher to put the ball in the net is quite laughable after he signed Walcott & Tosun
Yeah... being right in this case sucks... and SA is never wrong ...because the big headed twat  says so... Caritas_09
[Image: wales.jpg]

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