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What does this expression tell you....

[Image: 28sldle.jpg]

United could do with somebody who controls their attacking play, an Özil type if you will.

Jesus! The only embarrassing thing here is you and your head in the sand mentality. Didn't Arsenal just lose to bottom Swansea last night? By the way, Chelsea had a horrid time too, in case you were wondering...
I told Bobby they wouldn’t get away with parking the bus at Wembley because it’s a bigger pitch but he scoffed at my suggestion

as for Chelsea now that’s embarrassing
(31-01-2018, 09:50 PM)FRANTIC Wrote: What does this expression tell you....

[Image: 28sldle.jpg]

I remember the days when you used to bang on about arsenal bein the pride of london, but times have changed now Caritas_05

[Image: wibd.gif]

on a serious tip, have you ever looked up the word embarrassing in the dictionary?

This always comes up

Arsenal fanTV Mocking

[Image: imager.gif]


Bobby mate, tell us what happened with 1HundreedMillionHairStylish and Penishair subs lol I think Mou messed it all up, again lol

Penishair had to get out in two minutes lol and Matic was playing even worse than Pogba. lol

Caritas_05 Caritas_05 Caritas_05

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