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Alexis Sanchez signs!!!!!
[Image: 21751814_10155458323762746_8342412491620...e=5ADBD1F0]


[Image: DUKkFvsXkAA1mHt.jpg:large]
[Image: imager.gif]


Its funny watching these ABU'S squirm. they'd been telling us how 'shit' United are all season and when United go all out to sign a world class player with bags of quality, improve the team..... its seen as 'desperate' Caritas_17

FFS Caritas_26
[Image: imager.gif]


Yes they call us shit but that doesn't mean they want us to improve! "Desperate" is the only consolation they've got. I mean, the last time they lost their best player to us, we went on and won the league. Why do you think they're so afraid?
since the Fergie era ended you’ve been in our shadow & are now so desperate to be the new Arsenal by winning the 4th place trophy regularly & a few cups instead of being perennial title challengers under Sir Fergie

truth is you’re the new Liverpool & your league title drought will likely go on for years too

now you’ve resorted to flashing the cash to steal Sanchez...
if you can’t beat em buy them eh
Alexis is only expensive if you can't afford him Caritas_57

[Image: 19959106_1787516411310820_28980826670921...e=5B233777]

—June 2007: Thierry Henry [Image: 27a1.png] Barcelona

—January 2018: Alexis Sanchez [Image: 27a1.png] United

Arsenal’s best players leaving is nothing new...
[Image: 27067062_1787304021332059_44362513657315...e=5AE98769]
[Image: imager.gif]


Deloitte used to do all the Bankia's audits (Bankia is a Spanish bank envolved in a massive bailout because of their massive corruption) lol

You bought a 30 years old headless chicken that was to be free in summer. lol
(25-01-2018, 11:31 AM)IC_Blue Wrote: '' Alexis Sanchez appears to be settling into life in Manchester after the new United man was spotted viewing a £2million mansion on Wednesday afternoon.

The former Arsenal star, who has just become the Premier League's highest earner on £350,000 a week, arrived to view a plush five-bedroom mansion in Greater Manchester just two days after signing for his new club.''

[Image: tumblr_mzy4ia4ETK1t17j4bo1_400.gif]

We don't like flash fuckers...were all pikeys at this poxy club  ffs...


Jose might rent a room at Sanches's new mansion.
Bobby would love to be there with his pikey mates showing them how to do the Pogba tango

Moyesy looks like he’s having a whale of a time too
what a great game for Sanchez to start his manc career off away to Yeovil

shyte team they’ve got out though & the bench isn’t any better so let’s hope for an upset tonight
Yeovil’s inexperience showed in the end but they were good value in the first half & had some decent chances

Sanchez looked reasonably good at times but it was evident he had to be the creative one as he adjusts to playing with teammates of a lower standard than he’s been used to these past few years

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