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Top Four Race?
'Silverware'   you say... the PL title if I'm not mistaken...

Sulking  players... how about a sulking club???

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Yes the story   Caritas_03

... Or should we say SAGA ... and what a pot boiler it is... out of the jaws of victory in  May 2013...into the firm clutches  of mediocrity ... Caritas_25

Move over Kopites   Caritas_09   ...these Mancs   Caritas_39   are better at being second best than you   Caritas_05
Just look at all those happy faces..........And people say it's only a game, it's much more than just a game, It's a way of life Caritas_39

[Image: 27655544_225011968043891_611589388990436...e=5B1936B7]

Looks like Mr Abramovich is going to need a dodgy fax machine Caritas_05

[Image: 27654422_1648121065224782_87982364964614...e=5ADE2643]


''Sanchez, who recently left Arsenal to join Manchester United, reached an agreement with the Spanish Attorney General to pay back the tax he failed to pay, a sum of just under £900,000, plus a fine of £525,000.''    

A suspended '16-month jail sentence'
Caritas_03 Phew...that was close and them some...
[Image: giphy.gif]

Next time Alexis ... Try a  Gillette fusion or something ...  Caritas_26
Even you Bobby as golie, would improve Navas and Casilla. We have man alternatives in Spain though.

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