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Abra Kebab... I Think...
Genie  of the Lamp   ....grant me 3 Wishes ... Caritas_03

1...Give me a prolific striker for less than £75m  who scores  spectacular goals like Wazza ... Facepalm

2...Keep the back door open for me ...i.e.  the PSG  Job... Yes

3...Bring  plague upon Pep Guardiola...or at least let him lose now and again ffs ... Caritas_26

Oh great Genie Please do this ...and I promise not to be such a fuckin cry baby and a miserable  whinge bag,,,boo hoooo   Sad

[Image: nintchdbpict000369106022.jpg?strip=all&w=960]
[Image: wales.jpg]
And: "I'll need a big bus tomorow in London and even bigger next week against City".
a butt hurt liverpool fan posing as an everton fan, embarrassin really enit Caritas_03

then you have madrid and munich fans becoming city fans overnight!!!!!!!!!! 

FFS ive seen it all now!!!!!!!!! PATHETIC TROLLS!!!!!!!!

[Image: imager.gif]



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