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Chelsea and City damaging the English game
Mike's Stock pre-rehearsed  posts...

    'Hmmm'  'A Chelsea no chance  but hey ... lets see'... ''United  have always had a poor record at the bridge''  'yep that covers that one'

'Now for the more likely result  a Utd victory'    'Oh yes' ... ''you can't polish a TURD!!!!!!!!!!!''    'Lol  can't fuckin wait'

Poor old Mike ...drat ... double drat   Ca
Better team on the day???? Better team end of!!!!! Fucking maggot!
If you didn't see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears. Don't invent it with your small mind or share it with your big gob!
Well the table doesnt lie. conte has been found out big time this season.

in other news...

I find the complaining from Chelsea fans on social media about spending quite hilarious. It's as if they've wiped from their memories the huge amounts of investment Abramovich put into the club when he first came.

This is what happens when you are a sugar daddy club, they will want the club to give some money back. He can't fund you forever.

[Image: 22853256_1894091360630858_67441573001446...e=5A6B90FE]

Chelsea have made more profit from selling players than anyone else in the Premier League era

that’s quite remarkable considering their financial state when Ken Bates bought the club for a quid
It's quite obvious Chelsea cannot cope with the demands of the PL and CL and the reason mainly being a poor transfer strategy and lack of squad depth. Bakayoko and Drinkwater haven't replaced Matic. Neither of them are specialist DMs like him and getting rid of Costa was a poor decision as well. He was instrumental last season and crucial to the style Chelsea played especially the way he bullied defenders and helped drive them up the pitch. He had a big personality as well and I certainly wouldn't have dumped him if I was the manager.

Chelsea didn't attempt a single shot on target in the second half against West Ham United, this despite having 71.8% of possession after the break

contes bus frustrated AGAIN. Cf

Conte when asked about chelseas title aspirations this season:

"we were never in it" conte 2017 Facepalm
[Image: 22853256_1894091360630858_67441573001446...e=5A6B90FE]

Matic is a flat player, he won't offer you anything interesting.
Kante’s a far better player than Matic

Chelsea definitely got the better part of the transfer when they sold him to United
Not being very fan of Kante, he is much better footballer than Matic. Matic and Lukaku weren't brainer buys.
did anyone else see the pansy sat on the Chelsea subs bench against West Ham caressing his hot water bottle

the commentator summed it up perfectly saying...
I wonder what Chopper Harris & co would’ve made of that

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