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Chelsea and City damaging the English game
Both Carragher and Neville talking about England youth success on MNF.

Very valid points being made that both City and Chelsea hoover up alot of young English talent yet both club's refuse to allow them the opportunity in the PL. Neither can see that changing given the squads and financial set ups, especially when you look at Chelsea's bizarre loan system.

What can be done?
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Dont you love how whenever you post a thread to a specific team forum that relates to that team and that team only. the thread automatically gets turned into a United thread LOL....wondering if folks are scared to talk about other teams for fear of back lash or just overly obsessed with everything United....

in response to your reply, ill leave you to stew over some facts..........


A homegrown player has been included in every Manchester United first-team squad since 30 October 1937, which was exactly 80 years ago today.

The club is proud to have reached the remarkable milestone following the 1-0 Premier League victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford on Saturday, when Academy graduates Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard and Scott McTominay were all named in Jose Mourinho’s 18-man squad.
With talented goalkeeper Joel Pereira, young defender Axel Tuanzebe and injured midfielder Paul Pogba also in the first team, it looks like the record of consecutive matches will not halt any time soon.

"It’s huge," Lingard told us last Friday. "It’s always good to have local lads and Academy players in the first team, with the experienced lads as well. We’ve got a good mix at the moment.
"I am definitely proud to have came through the ranks to play for the first team. Growing up as a fan of Manchester United as well means that putting on the shirt is always a real honour for me. 

Jose has come in and playing the youth hasnt changed.  ill leave you to carry on spouting utter tripe then, you salty cunt Cf

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Carragher talks a load of bollocks & that’s only when you can understand the twat
Carragher’s probably gutted he’s 10 years too old to be cashing in like everyone now & because of that he’s taking his venom out on the money clubs

if one of those 2 teams had gone after him offering big wages he’d probably have gone just like other mercenaries before him but instead he’s a bitter twat having to settle for a career at LFC & now even worse he’s consigned to a 2nd career alongside one of the biggest twats in modern memory
What did Liverpool had in their hey days when he was playing - Gerrard and himself, all others were foreign players and I didn't see him speaking out about that problem back then.
never mind Carragher & Neville moaning about Chelsea & City damaging the game...
it’s all Bobby’s fault that Chelsea & City won today after posting this shyte!!

I don’t think Mourinho would’ve been trying to hush up his critics with the finger tonight either
Apparently Chelsea has damaged United some hours ago. lol
United have always had a poor record at the bridge, even under Fergie. chelsea were the better team on the day.
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Better team on the day???? Better team end of!!!!! Fucking maggot!
If you didn't see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears. Don't invent it with your small mind or share it with your big gob!
Well the table doesnt lie. conte has been found out big time this season.

in other news...

I find the complaining from Chelsea fans on social media about spending quite hilarious. It's as if they've wiped from their memories the huge amounts of investment Abramovich put into the club when he first came.

This is what happens when you are a sugar daddy club, they will want the club to give some money back. He can't fund you forever.

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