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Manchester United
Guys, two good options:

A: Maestro Zidane could illuminate you, he will bring you sense of common and decent football.
B: Scholes, Gibbs and all the Salford Contingent.
Zidane would finish the job of Mourinho - he would take them to Championship.
lol Ok then lol Not Master of Masters ZZ nor Salford contingent.

They should bring Howard web back then. they have to do something or all their own shit will eat them. lol
Gary Neville deserves second chance, he should take over.
Guys, will you trash those Valencians fuckers or what? Everybody there in Spain are trashing them.

Gary Neville is a manc contingent, they need someone to move dummies in the screen while Pogba is in the hairdresser.
Paul Scholes (about Moureen) : "I think he's embarrassing the club." lol I agree. lol

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