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Manchester United
Ozil would be the perfect replacement for Coutinho though
Will Coutinho go to Barcelona eventually?
(08-01-2018, 05:57 PM)Chikito.Sexappeal Wrote: Will Coutinho go to Barcelona eventually?

Have you been drinking the last 24hrs?
yes!!! lol

Rotimi, The fucking xmas ( I celebrate Winter solstice instead XD), the usual responsibilities and my guitars.
winter solstice sounds better than celebrating christmas to me too

I was really looking forward to christmas dinner this year & would’ve happily helped out in the kitchen but wasn’t allowed to help...
it was the worst christmas dinner I’ve ever had

next time I’ll have christmas dinner earlier in December at a nice cafe or restaurant or pub & not waste my time or money on the 25th again
Man, why you wasn't allowed to help? lol did you bring them some wine. Next time bring them some wine and the cooks will allow you to chop onions XD
I gave them prosecco & flowers but was told they didn’t need/want my help

I wanted to do the roast potatoes & sausage in bacon bits but they wouldn’t let me

no seasoning in their cooking made everything taste very bland
Perhaps had a hidden milkman with a enormous penis there in the Kitchen.

Can't find any other reason you weren't allow to help with wine and flowers and your charm.

United will draw against stoke city.
United will kill Stoke.
I think the milkman would’ve made a better dinner

United 0 Stoke 0

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