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Manchester United
Pogba pulled a Ronaldo - get a goal at every cost even if it means it will be dissalowed lmao and rob team for 2 points
for Arsenal’s sake because of the invincibles I was hoping Palace would score that penalty

goes to show what good form Palace are in though & Arsenal’s win there the other night looks even better now
Arsenal should buy Fellaini & Mahrez

they need a new keeper too.
Cech’s been an awful signing & cost the team again yesterday
what was Lingard thinking by shagging that old slapper when he’s got a stunning girlfriend

surely he’d have been better off shagging a hooker if he was desperate to get laid
Lingard looks up to Rooney Caritas_05
Bad weekend for refs, didn't give a penalty fot United when they should and fucked up by giving one to Palace and WBA.
it’s about time penalties were reviewed
refs seem to have their own interpretation of what a penalty is
They are in Germany and Italy with "video referee" but even then it's a problem with understanding what penalty is and what isn't. Even Wenger said what the instructions were before the season what is handball in the box and what isn't and then comes to subjective decision by the ref in the given situation.

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