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Manchester United
Mourinho fighting Scholes The Legend. lol making friends to going to Paris.
the most pathetic part of Mourinho’s rant at Scholes was when he said he’d do well to win 25% of the trophies he’s won as a manager should Scholes ever become one

I can’t ever imagine Scholes being 1% interested in becoming a manager

Mourinho’s a big baby
West Ham have beaten Chelsea and drawn with Arsenal & Spurs since Moyesy took control

United made a massive mistake sacking him
They didn't give him money after Fergie left him that useless old squad.
yeah exactly

they didn’t trust him & he became their scapegoat

out of the 3 since Fergie he was the best but wasn’t given a chance to prove it
United’s last chance to win a trophy starts tonight then but even that wouldn’t be enough to save Jose
hilarious picture on the back page of today’s Sun with Firmino & Holgate separated by the referee

Holgate has a sponsor on his sleeve that says ANGRY BIRDS
So Van Dijk or whatever is called him....1 game 1 goal and an excellent performance, he did much more than Pogba in his first 20 games lol
yeah Virgil could be just what Liverpool need

I wouldn’t be surprised if they go after Sanchez & Luiz too

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