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At this rate...
so United (allegedly) offer £25m + Mkhitarayan but Sanchez doesn’t want to go there

hopefully that’ll force City to make a higher bid

Wenger should’ve played him last sunday so he’d be cup tied too

rumour in an Italian paper that Carlo’s taking over in the summer - yes please
If Arsenal let Sanchez go it will be another proof they have no spine based on what they said in summer. Thats embarassing and another fuck you to their fans who are getting lied to every year yet still fill the stadium.
better to sell him now & get good money for him than let him go on a free transfer in the summer

City apparently offered £60m last summer so he should’ve gone then

Mahrez would be a great replacement
They should sell him if they knew he won't resign. The only way I would hold on to him if I thought I was having a chance winning the league which is a joke with that team. And 60m pounds for a guy who has a year left and won't resign is a crazy offer and even more crazy was to reject that. They won't pay 50m pounds for Mahrez. They'll rather show great profits in the summer from business year 2017/18.
without Champions League football those profits will drop considerably this summer & it’s highly unlikely Arsenal will follow in United’s footsteps by gaining CL qualification from winning the Europa League...
ESPECIALLY without Sanchez in the team

even though Wenger’s well known for playing weak teams in cup competitions I’m still shocked at how he disregarded a strong bench in last sunday’s FA Cup game

it’s tume for Carlo in the summer.
I think if Wenger had left last summer Arsenal would’ve had a better chance of re-signing their best players
They shouldn't have won the FA Cup and he wouldn't be there today probably Caritas_05
probably yeah but that was easily the highlight of the season

Kroenke basically gave Wenger another contract at the expense of keeping Sanchez & Ozil happy + signing new star players but it looks like the club’s gone backwards because of that decision

I don’t see Wenger walking away or getting the sack so unfortunately it’ll probably be even worse next season

he paid all that money for Lacazette but he doesn’t play him enough (especially alongside Sanchez) which seems ridiculous too
shame to see Walcott leave but the game against Everton in a few weeks should be very interesting now
who’s going to score the goals

Walcott scored 19 last season & he’s gone now.
Sanchez scored loads & he’s almost certain to go too.
Giroud consistently scores but can’t get a game.
Welbeck can’t stay fit for long

Lacazette is off the boil & I highly doubt the Aubemyang transfer will happen

the defence isn’t good enough to keep many clean sheets so it’s hard to see where the points are coming from
They will have enough scoring to get themselfs in the Europa league, anything more is pipedream.

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