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At this rate...
Arsenal won't do even thursdays soon. What is this club doing? They are not competitive and will let 3 players walk for nothing next year when they could sell them and start some kind of rebuild. The other question is how in the world did they allowed themselfs to be in a position that their 2 best players have only 1 left on their deal and they can't resign them and even worse they won't sell them.
They used to have the French market well tied and Varane, M'Bappe and Dembele, all of them were out of their radars. Dembelé was reasonable missed because he has a paraplegic dribbling though.

Anyway, despite of Liverpool extraordinary and magnificient exhibition, Arsenal played yesterday with a very bad attitude, and that's not about money.
They lack quality and while Liverpool aren't world beaters either they were 2 classes about them.
They have Ozil, not very fan of Sánchez but he is good enough, good golie, Ramsey, Monreal, Lacazzete, etc. They have a team to do it much better than they did.

That Salah looks very impressive, BTW.
what a shambolic start to the season

the Ox looks like he's off to Chelsea & good luck to the lad...
he's always given 100% effort every time he's played & deserves his chance with a better team

Sanchez will probably go too on deadline day as the money's too big to turn down & his body language suggests he clearly wants to leave

maybe more also want to leave as it appears plenty of players have all but given up on Wenger going by recent performances

it's a shame he didn't leave on top a winner after the Cup victory in May because unless he turns things around dramatically in the coming months he'll be on a hiding to nothing all season long
the Ox says no to Chelsea then

I was thinking the only player he could replace in their team is Moses but he's not interested in being a wing back apparently & wants to play in his favoured central midfield again
The wing back position got to him at Anfield lol
£40m for the Ox is a lot of money especially with only a year left on his contract...
makes me wonder what Sanchez will be sold for

plenty of rumours saying Sterling could move the other way but I'd rather have Mahrez
Mahrez has been spotted with a fan in Paris on his way to Barcelona apparently
So if Wenger isn't signing him, who will he be signing then? He seems to be cashing in and he's still being tight with the purse strings, as per usual

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