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Real Madrid 2017/2018
I still dont believe rondaldo is finished yet, i reckon he'll be the top scorer in the EUROPA LEAGUE next season!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

ps funnily enough i feel the same way about United. but that doesnt stop you all from reminding us how far we are behind city. United have also been spoilt for success over the years, under Fergie, so a few barren seasons really doesnt hurt as much as you would like to think. im merely giving some back....

Now ill leave you to finish your humble pie Caritas_57
[Image: 22853256_1894091360630858_67441573001446...e=5A6B90FE]

That's the only one left in our shelving, think that we have 9 CL more than United, even nobody reaches 9 lol, so you can see the magnitude of our extraordinary history, we need an EL and a second división trophy to be well fulfilled. XD
haha sure, some teams have none.


its comforting to talk about history, when things arent going so well isnt it Bj
[Image: 22853256_1894091360630858_67441573001446...e=5A6B90FE]

More than finished, Ronaldo needs fresh air and the Team need a new perspective. I mean, the team has to grow up around Kross, Modric, Isco, Bale, Asensio, etc.

It's ok, we can't win everything, and other teams could do better than us, so fair enough let's congratulate them. The humble pie must be eaten daily, even when we win.

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