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Real Madrid 2017/2018
What about La Liga lol ? I never heard about Asensio since August, so he's not putting anyone in sweat.
We'll come back, we love doing so.

Asensio past all the exams to be ready for the good ones, we need to prove Ceballos and all the young ones. XD

Bayern, face it, we'll win the third in a row.
What kind of joke of a game in Madrid, the ref gave a win to Real against bottom Malaga. What a joke.
I couldn't watch anything about the game, highlights neither. I don't usually see the papers either. So not idea.

Did we rob them? ...not excuses. BAD. BTW If you visit Spaiin for party and everything, Beach, food or whatever, let me recommend you Málaga in August, in Malaga Festival, I am retired of it, but hell.....yeayyyy. XD

Barça was robbed yesterday, about 20 minutes Valencia-Barça is the only thing I've seen this weekend lol
Yes I heard Malaga is very nice city.
And I'll let me know when they rob us...XD I hope so. 

And don't forget Bayern ,we'll win the third in a row. You could be the first team to win the second CL in a row, but Di Mateo's Chelsea lol stopped you. So we were the FIRST AGAIN to win the second CL in a row. Don't forget, I know this thing is killing yourself. XD
lol you never get robbed Caritas_05
If you do I'll sure gloat about it

When is the Clasico, in 2 weeks? After that Barcelona will have the hard job done with games away at Atletico, Real, Valencia and Bilbao and only played Sevilla at home from top team already done.
Barcelona will have to drop points sooner than later. For what I watched yesterday (20-25 mins), they played really well though.
El Clásico will be played in xmas or nearly. I think before the xmas rest. 23th of Dec I see.

I think you know more than me. Don knew a lot about La liga, he was La Liga expert. XD Not idea about the calendar, I got the calendar in my mailbox because RM sends me every year, but not idea where I kept it. XD

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