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Real Madrid 2017/2018
I rather see Real in 2. place then Spurs for obvious reasons Caritas_05

Guys, yesterday was the day of the dead, so the Spanish, European and World Champion, I repeat, the Spanish, Eurpean and World champion team paid tribute to the dead. Congrats to Spurs, not question and well deserved victory, I won't put any "BUT" to their great victory. At least we don't torture Neutrals like a team we all know.
You wont be defending ANY of those title this season. its only this season what matters, only as good as your last match.

and judging from yesterdays performance....where the harry kane team tore ronadlo, ramos and co a brand new asshole on ENGLISH SOIL!!!!!!!!!!

lets face it, you were played off the park...

spurs were better in every department...

over two legs more superior

stronger, more powerful

The ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE came out on top last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and for the neutral iT was a joy to see these spanish clowns being taught a lesson in total football ON ENGLISH SOIL!!!!!!!

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It wasn't a big lesson, the fact, the first half Madrid brought all the weight of the game and just we conceded an isolate goal. This shit performances at the beginning of the season are not really bad in order to take note to be ready in March when you win or loose the trophies.
not sure what game you were watching. madrid were left chasing shadows last night, deli ali running rings around your defence and kane pissing all over ramos Ca
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We saw the same game, mate. Football reality. Real Madrid had the game very controlled, the difference between you and Brave teams like Real Madrid or Tottenham, we always take risks in order to get 3 points instead of speculating to see what happens.
spurs finally showed up in europe last night and madrid couldnt live with them. 

There was only one outcome....The PREMIER LEAGUE won last night

i think most could see from the first leg that the English team was far, far superior and in the end ronaldo cut a frustrated figure. madrid didnt know how to deal with the nimble footed English men. Dier had ronaldo in his pocket
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Man, I don't mind admitting EPL teams were better than the Spanish ones yesterday and the day before, I am not nationalistic. The fact Real Madrid is still comfortable, we play to win everything instead of kings of xmas and very happy with Atlético result.

United torture neutrals, however Spurs, Pool, City and Chelsea try to win their games, they could play more or less defensively each others, but all of them try to win the games on their own way, United instead are torturing Neutrals like me.
Its a great day for football and the EPL when a team of mainly, young English players humiliated the clowns from madrid.  Dp
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Man, have you seen the last Beauty from Asensio ????

We are going to win the third CL in a row.XD

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