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Real Madrid Vs Our feeder Bus
I didn't mean just physical but also as a leader of the team.
My post was aimed in general, because most of the Englanders think that pounds ( weight and money) and quality are proportional.
I think old school guys are like that but sadly for them most of them hold imporatnt positions in English football. And media it's just terrible.
sorry chiki but Scholes was very physical & had no pace at all

do you think Mbappe will start regularly & if so who will he replace in the team ??

Benzema seems the obvious choice to lose his place.
Isco should be a regular as should Bale but they can't all play
Mbappe maybe going to PSG then not Madrid...
does that mean Benzema keeps his place!!
Did you see guys, legendary David Moyes said that Fellaini is a modern day footballer and United should keep him - why was he sacked? Legend. lol
I disagree States, I thin pace is linked with pass, control and position. Good passes and good first touch are 5 times faster than Usain bolt. And Scholes gave you that, brain football, fast when you want, pause when is needed. More than physical, he was a bit dirty but is normal when you are not physically a monster cock.

I think M'bappe is done for Real and he should wait for the next year to join us. Bale is doing well despite of injuries and Ronaldo is still a killer, Benzema opens the gaps for the rest of the forwards, and Mayoral is like Morata, that kind of Striker than lives out of the box but into the penalty area is a proper number 9. Perhaps Mayoral is gone and M'bappe will arrive. Fortunately ZZ and the members are forcing to act Florentino with some sense of common.

Moyes, like Mou still living in the 80's, not surprise is we see them wearing shoulder pads.
Florentino should act quickly I read somewhere that Asensio has an out clause worth 80m € lol
No problem, for 80 millions will buy 25 Asensios.

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