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Real Madrid Vs Our feeder Bus

This is a better configuration for United, not way to see this under sweet Moureen though.
Switch Mata and Martial and Pogba and Herrera. Mou probably loves Fellaini too much.
He loves Fellaini like he loved Albeola too. His wife is not top either.

I think Fellaini like a CB has a point.

-------------The Abuser-------------
Valencia-----Bially---Fellaini---They need to buy something
The rapist Caritas_05
The kleptomaniac XD he was caught stealing Doughnuts lol

He is like Torrente (put on wiki).
always been a big fan of Fellaini & would love him at Bournemouth or Arsenal
So Chiki Mbappe send you to hell and will move to PSG (160m € + 20m € lmao).
Monaco can't keep hold of any players!!
(10-08-2017, 07:43 AM)bayern Wrote: Matić doesn't have the presence of Keane or nastiness of him. Herrera is the one who has simular atributes but unlike Keane he's a fraud with faking injuries...

He's not as good as Keane, but he provides a far greater physical presence than Carrick and he can play a bit. I think he's a good signing and hopefully his inclusion in the starting eleven will allow Pogba to cause damage further up the pitch.

Btw pink dipper....The bogbrush as a centre half??? LOL Proves you know jack shit about football you flute LOL
M'Bappe is done for us.

Keane had not physical presence and he was technically, even poorer, however he read the game and did the wanker thing to bring pace to your own interest. Matic is a flat guy with nothing to add.

Another thing, Scholes had not physical presence and he was the key for pace in United. Mou has built a team of sacks of potatoes.

Fellaini would be a decent CB.

Bayern, Toni Kross was the best German player and those idiots didn't awarded him because he doesn't play for a German shit XD

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