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Real Madrid Vs Our feeder Bus
Real Madrid 6 United 2

Easy! Nice training for the Spanish Super Cup against Barça.
I hope both team's planes crash on the way home.

Hope we crash it in the Allianz.
hahahaha asshole
If Real Madrid were playing your (Liverpool's) feeder 'bus' then surely they'd be playing Southampton, pink dipper?

If we were playing against them, would be facing the most successful EPL team ever and it would be a more serious game to be worried.

Mou is trying to spread some shit saying he will try to sign Bale, not idea who is going to play in Bale's position but I guess some United players will wonder why is he talking to hire rival players instead of praising United ones. ZZ as ever, replied with tone of class, putting the Mou shit and the journalists in their place with a smile.

The bus one is not in good shape, he was funny talking about Conte's wig but apparently needs a week to reply Wenger.
Sell them Bale for 130m €.
130 Millions and Dembelé in?...Hmmmm Nice move.
Mourinho was asked a question about Bale, so he answered, simple as that. I think he should leave Madrid btw because he's not appreciated there...

As for Liverpool being the most successful team in England? LOL - this isn't the 80's, pink dipper. LOL.
The traffic cones devils lol

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