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Boring internationals, Anyone?
Tratan Army are the best, sadly the team stinks.
Fuck Australia, Siria won't go. England should give their place instead of bombing them.
Spain should give up their place to Catalonia so Messi's guaranteed to play
some big games & results last night then

Messi comes to Argentina's rescue so Spain don't need to give up their place to Catalonia now!!

the USA & Chile both fail to qualify after losing their final games coupled with other results going against them

Holland & the orange fanbase will also be missing from Russia but their hopes were far more remote before last night's final group game

plenty of playoff games all over the world to look forward to next month too,
to fill the remaining places
(10-10-2017, 04:30 PM)Southside Wrote: Spain should give up their place to Catalonia so Messi's guaranteed to play

The Catalonia issue is a joke. The Slovenians should teach the Catalans how to make this independence thing well. XD

Will Nigeria go to Russia or the Eagles will fly no more than Congo?

Bayern should cheer for Croatia aka Slovenian brothers.
WTF Chiki, they're not our brothers, don't speak the same language even. Fuck them.
Redser and his Ireland lol
(15-11-2017, 10:28 AM)Chikito.Sexappeal Wrote: Redser and his Ireland lol

Blame it on the biggest gob in football ...Plus the most over rated ' assistant coach'  in the game !!

...The only reason this fucker didn't   burgle your house or even tarmac your drive... is because he was far too busy committing  GBH  under the pretence of playing football...

His name will live on... in infamy (I shit you not )  ...Roy Keane...
[Image: wales.jpg]

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