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Boring internationals, Anyone?
They're here again! Anybody feeling good about their teams? Or is it going to be the same old boring week? Spain seem to have mellowed a bit, so has Germany. England? Still LOL and Portugal winning the last euros just shows how flukey these things can get. Maybe I can catch a few games this weekend. Can't wait for it to be over though so we can get back to how shit United still are, regardless of the moaning one's arrival
Italy 0 Spain 4

Happy with Lopetegui, our new manager.

England lol

Germany...they are getting down.
Watching international football is like watching a bunch of girlie french wankers from sarf london. Boring as fuck!
If you didn't see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears. Don't invent it with your small mind or share it with your big gob!
4 points and Job done! Just Stupid Ramos prevented us to get 6.

Bayern played against himself and he draw.

England did the job against two easy opponents, but apparently played almost as bad as United.

Hans did the job and sent us a ref to fuck us.

Redser did the job too to get the second place, the maximum they could get lol

Rotimi did the job too. I don't know how much did they pay to beat Zambia. lol
Nice recap Chiki Caritas_05
Fucking hell, Chiki! Nigeria WILL NEVER pay to beat anybody. The Football Federation is too stingy and corrupt to do that. That's why we miss major tournaments. Whatever game you see us win, it's always fair and square.
Do like the Englanders or yanks, say Lobby instead of corruption. In other words, Which lobby did you send to talk with Zambia friends. You can say agreements either. XD

I thought Qatar worldcup was first before the Russian one.
lmao did you hear how Rooney pronounces Southgate? He says something totally else haha
Ok Chikki. Lobby! Cheeky bastard! Caritas_05
Bayern, Why does that surprise you? He barely finished high school. I remember years ago when Beckham was at United, I struggled to understand him. Scots too(Fergie, for example) Really thick accents. The few Irish people I've heard speak too are barely understandable. Paddy Crerand is somebody I struggle to understand as well.

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