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Eva Carneiro ousted
Caritas_09  The lovely Eva Carneiro has gotten the boot after Jose Mourinho threw her under the bus by saying that she does not understand the game. This one is tough, I don't know why he would do this to her. The chief Physio's first responsibility is to keeping the players fully fit. I don't know if the Referee motioned for the trainers to come on and then she did or if she did so on her own? Sad day for the club. Her beauty will be sorely missed on the bench.    Caritas_34
So sorry to to hear this..very attractive young lady, she brightened the side-lines with her presence..this makes me detest Maureen more than ever.. Caritas_23
[Image: QalfwEm.jpg]
Maureen is a cunt, end of. I wonder how it is, working for him
Marry Me Eva!

[Image: eva_carneiro_02_28022012.jpg]    Caritas_34     Caritas_16
I bet she's had that offer a few times Ref Rose
[Image: QalfwEm.jpg]
(11-08-2015, 11:12 PM)Molly Wrote: I bet she's had that offer a few times Ref Rose

Caritas_23   Perhaps, but mine is official.    Caritas_05
More class from Mourinho.
Carneiro is tipped to retain the title of first-team doctor but with a different role that does not include attending games or training. Physio Jon Fearn’s responsibilities are also thought to be under review.

If I were her, I'd tell Mouron to stick it where the sun don't shine..I'm sure she could get a job with ANY PL team..that arsehole dos'nt deserve her and SHE dos'nt deserve treatment like this.. Caritas_23
[Image: QalfwEm.jpg]
She's welcome at the Arse any day!
(12-08-2015, 09:29 AM)AG86 Wrote: She's welcome at the Arse any day!

Cech M8.   Caritas_16

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