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Summer 2016 Deadline Day
1 Billion pounds already spent by English clubs, breaking their own record from last year already before deadline day.

Did PL clubs do the bulk of their transfers rather early this summer?
Because it seems to me the major clubs have already finished their business more or less?

Or are we expecting any big news today?

What would you guys your club to still get done today?
Leicester will buy Slimani for 30m pounds. Thats just crazy as was their offer for Deeney at around 30m + €.
Is it really crazy? The amount of money these teams make now, they have to spend it somehow. Remember Leicester are champions and are playing in the Champions League, they're not going to get any player cheap. If you charge obscene amounts for games and replica kits, you have to put that money back in the team
I rather pay every year 60m + for a player like Martial then 37m € for 28 year old Slimani.
Yes but they have the money now, need a striker, have a once in a lifetime thing with CL, and won't get a Martial this window. Not to mention a Martial doesn't help you immediately that much. while Slimani does.

As Rotimi say, the money's there and it needs to go somewhere. Just as Neymar has a hairdresser bill of a few thousand a months lmao
At least they're not borrowing the money from the British government or lying about the actual transfer fees.
They have bunch of strikers, they need in my opinion midfielders and wingers and their defence is nothing special either.
You should go manage them then, seeing as you just won a league title a few months ago. Oh wait, that was Ranieri, their manager! Never mind then...
I could do better, I would get 90 points with them last season.
I would have won the Champions League with Bayern last season. See how stupid that sounds?

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