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lol if the spanish press are righ another Schalke player, Max Meyer will sign on free transfer with Bayern at the endo of the season lmao . Joke of a club.
Which one is the joke, Bayern or Schalke?
I suspect my bitches are happy people again.
Bayern were horrible in the first half even with a man more, luckily this was Besiktas.
Yo should be a happy bastard, uncle Jupp is doing his job.
Since he took over Bayern won 23 and lost 1 (or 22 and 1) but they don't give me any confidence in CL.
When I see 7 guys into rival's pen area, I see that team is doing the right thing, and Bayern's Jupp do that. Even Barça's Guardiola needed Ovrebo to win a CL. To win a CL is very difficult.

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