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Ribery 34
Robben 33
Lewa 29
Muller 28

Having Pep there for 3 years, it seems to me didn't you build for the future. And now the market is super-mega-over inflated.
Robben can still play and age isn't a factor because it's only Robben and Ribery who are really "old" and they can still play. There is no real system to be seen and there is already talk that at latest in may he could be gone. Then he'll probably return to Milan.
Yes! only Robben and Ribery, your most valuable players in the last years though. Barça had Neymar to replace Messi, Madrid will try with Isco and Asensio, PSG not question, Uniten got Abramovich lol, etc

To sack Jupp and to sack Pep later was very idiot.

I think your board messed up.
Neither was sacked. Caritas_05
They were sacked more or less lol

i'd sack Messina if I were Italian. You can't play a 60 points game against Serbia. In a bad day the Serbs will make you more than 70. The man never changes the plan. XD

+20 for Spain tonight....XD
Pep would be still here if he wanted to, Heynckes was kind of unlucky that Pep was on the market but anyone with normal sense would do that in a second.
I bet your board would have wanted actually, Pep still would be stay there. Jupp is one of the biggest managers ever in modern football.

Jupp>>>>>>>Pep>>>>>>> Moureen>Benítez>>>>Moyes>DeBoer>>>Klisman>Lopez Caro
lol at the last 4 haha
Fergie was better than all of them
Congrats Bayern...what an exhibition, unquestionable...Real Madrid won those NBA fuckers lol

Fergie was the best in England. in Europe was average and very lucky.

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