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Morata said Spain, Italy or with Conte, I don't know why United fans thought they could get Morata, that's why they bought the sack of potatoes instead of Morata. lol
Madrid played hardball over Morata because they are desperate for De Gea and United aren't interested in selling. It looks like Morata will go for less than what United paid for Lukaku, so your wisecrack, as ever, is complete nonsense. He was more than up for playing under Mourinho again.
Chelsea just financed the next Madrid move. How can the clubs be so stupid that they pay such crazy sums for players and Morata was a reserve player. Bayern did their stupid part last year when they bought Sanches.
Bayern, clubs being stupid over transfer fees isn't a new thing, it's a reflection of the warped bubble football lives in. There's a lot of money floating around in football and its going to reflect in the teams' spending power. Simple law of economics. No player's abilities is ever worth the amount of money paid for them, considering its a team sport.
Morata is being sold to the most desperate club and that happens to be Chelsea at the moment because they put themselves in that position by getting rid of Costa before finding a replacement. 0
And they put themselfs in the corner when they made public of Costa not being welcome there anymore.
To play under Mourinho? lol Pepe, Ramos, Ronaldo, etc surely talked him shit about Mourinho. The only one in Madrid who talked nice about Moureen was the Bus driver.

Morata never was to play for United, he is not Lewa level either, so don't worry.

BTW, Ehh Bayern, Your countryman won yesterday in the Tour.

What's wrong with Sanches?
Fuck Tour de France, they're all doped Caritas_05 . Sanches is useless.

I used to watch them a lot, here was like football before all the drugs issue.

Is still very young. Is that bad?
No, he doesn't fit in the Bayern system and didn't get enough playing time.
United are back in it for Sanches - DO IT MOURINHO, YOU USELESS SOB!

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