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Stoke&Pep myth died very early
Very windy day, no rain and not as cold but easy win for team coach by Pep when a lot of English here or other forums were very loud about "Myth of Stoke". He won there easy with average City squad I can only imagine what would he do with Barcelona or Munich.
But It wasn't on a Tuesday and it wasn't raining. Seriously though, Stoke have been evolving for the last few seasons now. They've really changed their style and personell and they now employ a more continental approach. It really wasn't a myth as such, it was just bloody difficult to play them when they used a more direct approach.
While I agree that they changed approach, their back 4 and defensive midfielders are still Tony Pullis mentallity, old schooll guys. I don't understand how players like Wollschied, Bardsley and Whelan are starting players for middle of the pack PL team. They're championship or borderline PL players.
Same as the one about people thinking Messi should come to EPL to prove himself.
Apparently he would struggle to a league where Aguerro, a notable under-performer(weak link?) for Argentina has been THE top striker ever since he came to EPL!

Or the trite, " I don't think Pep's possession game can work in the EPL" or, "possession means nothing..."
Try giving that possession to Bayern, Barca or Real Madrid and tell me how many sides in the whole universe can cope with that.
Of course if you have no cutting edge(like Arsenal) that possession will not count for much.

One of the greatest myths is that teams GIVE others possession.
That is something teams resort to, as soon as they find out they are not as good as the opposition.
People must really think it's fun chasing after the ball all game?
That is bloody exhausting!!
This common sense is very rare. That was a great post.
Ah...........................But can he do it on a cold, winters day at goodison park??? Caritas_05

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