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Real Madrid 2016-2017 season.
Incompetnce of Zidane is starting to show up now on results too because performances were average at most since he took over but he got results. Chiki one question: How so that every game away from home from Real and Barcelona aren't sold out, yesterday there was at least 1/4 of stadium empty at Gran Canaria and even when they play at home Bernabeu isn't sold out most of time? It's ticket prices or what because this kind of team should sell out every where they go.
I guess the bank fraud plus ticket prices, you right, in Madrid happens the same, in Barcelona is the same too and Canary Islands is one of the most affected regions because of the bank fraud. In Spain the "Crisis" is being perpetual.

What the boards are doing is to put the seasonal tickets much cheaper in comparison with the single ones to encourage people to buy the seasonal one, something like 200 Euros for all. The thing is some clubs don't include to watch Barça or Real in that seasonal tickets in order to boost the prices when the giants coming up there...and things like that blah blah blah, anyway you surely better informed than me XD think the conclusions.

One thing else is that Spanish Stadiums are mostly very bigs, for instance, Watford Stadium is about 21000 and Las Palmas Stadium is nearly 32000 or something like that. Stadiums like Wigan or Bolton or Sunderland are usual to see them with many seats empty. I remember when I lived in Manchester that the red mancs used to laugh at blue one because they never filled the Stadium.

The TV watch is very good nowadays, however this game is still much better watching live. Is not like cyclinb or Moto or F1 or many other sports that is better watching on TV. However for 10-15/monthly Euros you have Champions and Liga and could influence this too.

I don't know...Better sex than football. XD That's it, football is for peasants like us lol And Spain got a very big cultural offer too. I can tell you 100 better things to do in Canary Islands better than watching a game XD
Love your last sentence lol
Yeah Man Utd in his best days also had a lot of empty seats at likes of Wigan and Sunderland, City can't even sell out their own stadium and they even enlarged capacity lol. Bayern for example has sold out every home game in CL and Bundesliga since they opened Allianz Arena in 2005, they in most cases sell out friendlys and Cup games against 2. division teams. And since 2009 every Bundesliga game that Bayern played (home or away) has been sold out. Thats why is strange too see that worldclass teams like Barcelona and Real who dominate Europe now for 10 years don't sell out, even at home.
I think Germany attendance is superior in comparison with England and Spain Attendance. So the amount of peasants there is superior lol Let's see what Hans says XD

And I think the cultural offer make the people to chose other things too. Madrid use to sell more cultural tickets than Football tickets, having Real, Atleti and Rayo with very big attendance. For Instance Berlin got a massive cultural offer too and I bet people try to enjoy more diverse cultural stuff.

If you put all in coktail to wiigh all up, bank fraud-cultural offer-prices-etc. you got it.

Once said this, the bank fraud is the main cause for sure.
It's fuck all to do with "bank fraud" ffs and the reason attendances in Germany are superior to the rest of Europe is ALL down to ticket prices. ALL of Europe should take Germany's lead in ceiling ticket prices. Pay those prima donna cunts what they're worth (3-5 grand a week), reduce ticket prices by 2 thirds to give the game back to the fans and hand the TV money to football development first and foremost and spread the payments to clubs across the board.
Me, I can't wait for the crash so the game has to rebuild itsself while the greedy cunts get bent over and arse fucked the way they deserve.
If you didn't see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears. Don't invent it with your small mind or share it with your big gob!
Well I doubt that for example Las Palmas has huge ticket prices when they host Osasuna and half the stadium is empty.
Bayern, when you don't have enough money to end the month decently, 30-40€ is a little fortune to watch Osasuna, having for 10€ TV game in a pub with some beers and tapas.

I think the Germans got tickets for 15€ and that's a better policy to fill the Stadiums. I think Tel is right at this one.
Dortmund 1 Real Madrid 7

I think this game is going to be glorious.
Very optimistic I must say. Ronaldo should be happy that Zidane didn't KO him like he did Materazzi after insulting his mother, didn't have balls to say to his face lmao
Ronaldo is being shit at the moment. He was injured and he has to get git first, Ronaldo only can play as number 9 and Benzema and Morata are being better than him specially at the beginning of the season plus Bale must be free man in our attack. So Ronaldo he is provoking a bit mess at the moment.

Zidane is right and got balls to bench Ronaldo.

This game looks glorious.

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