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Real Madrid 2016-2017 season.
The first cup to play is the European Flip-flops cup.

Bale and Kross at home, Ronaldo still recovering, they only trained 4 days and they are not in form. Nice to give this responsibility to our youth. These kind of "finals" should be used to play with the youth to prove them.
Real Madrid 4 Sevilla 0
What a shit excuse! Nobody on here gives a shit about Madrid
There is one thing Real share with United and Chelsea - THEY ARE HATED. Baled out by the Spanish government year after and STILL in the shadow of Barca
If you didn't see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears. Don't invent it with your small mind or share it with your big gob!
Chiki why no transfer activity? There is no way in hell that this team is good enough to win La Liga or CL!
I don't know. Along these years Madrid opinion is very split, I mean, many people want to go back to old days to take players from our academy instead of buying toyboys, Zidane is like that, perhaps Zidane wants to stablish a solid base where the youth have a lot of protagonism in the club. When he had to take someone from the academy brought Lucas Vazquez with a very a good result, when the penguin bought Danilo having Carvajal was a very big mistake.

Perhaps Zidane is "saying", calm down because we have very good raw material.

Think that we have Bale, Ronaldo, James, Isco, Modric, Kross and etc...We still have a very solid squad. Odeegard, Mariano and Asensio look very good actually.

I guess we'll only buy Sissoko despise of the nearly ban. That's the only profile left and don't really like why we sold Jesé, I think is better than Lucas, but he had a very serious injure, so who knows. Florentino and business in the middle East perhaps.

Once said this, don't discard if tomorrow Florentino gets mad as ever and buys a couple of players for 200 millions and sells all of our youth. XD
But Sissoko doesn't look like a model lol
I'm actually quite surprised too that you brought back Morata but sold Jese.
Between the two, I know which one I would pick, even if Jese's progress stalled somewhat in the last season.

I'm not to sure who between us(Arsenal and Real) is waiting for the other to make the 1st move?
I don't know if we are waiting for you to make James or Isco available or whether you are waiting for us to buy them before you can buy Sissoko/Alaba?
Of course if you buy Lewandowski, we'll soften the blow for you by taking Benzema.

Come-on Chiki, we can't wait for you all summer.
Lewandowski won't be sold, none of Bayern core players will be sold, people here never learn.
I don't like Morata, but he deserves some credit at least. He is progressing, so let's see how is it going. I think Jesé sale is a mistake because we should play ronaldo as number 9 and I'd bring our Mariano from the academy instead of Morata, leaving the left wing for Jesé.

Perhaps Isco and James are more or less the same profile and oddegard is coming soon, still too young though. And Asensio is going to compete seriously for a place in the first 11 with Isco and James.

I am not very fun of mostercocks, but Sissoko in good hands could be an interesting player.

Summer times with silly summer songs...priceless.XD

Bayern, we only need to show Lewa our sexappeal. XD

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