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The Euros
I think Schweini will be the first name on the teamsheet, to be honest. Mourinho loves his veterans.

It's a shame that Marchisio and Verratti are injured, because they are two of the very best midfielders in the world. These two and, yes, a top striker and Italy would be terrifying.
As they are, I think their players are just to mediocre. It worked against Belgium who are overrated, but it won't work against us, Spain or France.

Then again, we always lose against Italy so there's that...
England are fucking shit as usual so no surprises there.

Italy looked really good against Belgium who are a team of individuals really an nothing more.

Germany were effective.

Been a bit of a shit competition so far though...
Baldy, Ronaldo was the only one who played well last night against the Vikings, very isolated though. Still 75. buy now, he will be more expensive next game. However Martial LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL you paid 80 millions € for Martial and now costs 5€ maximum lol

Since Mou is considered the best coach in Portugal, they abandoned the idea of playing their traditional technical football and they lack of personality in comparison to that team had in the 2000, Figo, Rui Costa, Abel Xavier, Carvalho, Pinto, Couto etc...

At the moment, I enjoyed the games, perhaps with sunshine, cold beer etc...It seems different.

Deschamps really sucks.

England 0 Wales 2
Germany 1 Poland 2
Isolated? He had the goalscorer, Nani, holding his arsecheek for most of it.
Classless comments from him after the game too.
He's a great player but one narcissistic twat - fits in well at Madrid.

And Martial was one of United's better players last season.
He's still only a young fella and will prove to be a great signing before long.

As an concerned about the lack of transfer activity at Anfield? 
Perhaps Klopp is scouring Bundesliga division two for players.
No European football / No MASSIVE SPEND 
All the dippers jealousy of United, City etc.

Nani only scored a goal and did not anything else. Don't be plastic man, you need much more help.

He is mega competitive and doesn't like that complacency to the "weak" , he was right, Albania were brave and they had intention to attack against France not as Iceland.

I don't care about Liverpool, I think Klopp is more interesting to build a strong structure firstly. While you waste money for the bus lol, Pool on the contrary, work hard.
(16-06-2016, 07:40 AM)Chikito.Sexappeal Wrote: At the moment, I enjoyed the games, perhaps with sunshine, cold beer etc...It seems different.

I think being drunk would certainly make things appear not quite what they seem, which could only be a good thing in this instance!
Albania, having lost their first match, needed to attack last night.
It was imperative for Iceland to get off to a good start.
To go toe-to-toe against Portugal would have been madness.
They deserved credit for their performance.
Ronaldo was a total dick with his post-match comments.
No doubt his teammates will become the object of his ire when they get knocked out.
I am retired, nont Fiesta for me...XD So chill out for me XD Just one cold pint...

Baldy, Iceland only have to play football, they don't have to risk their lives or something like that, all these teams should have more intention of playing, We played against the Czech's and they put 10 men behind ball.

Ronaldo was honest, is good to be honest against Bayern and Iceland. I bet you must be the only man in the world who fakes orgasm.

Scenary 1.

Wales beat England and Wales 6 points loose against Russia lol I don't think England will beat Slovakia. Ugly for England if you guys don't beat Wales.
ENGLAND WALES what a monster of a game coming up.

Really excited.

Must win for England, by no means easy to achieve. Who would've thought.

If Wales go through and England don#t Caritas_05 Caritas_05 Caritas_05
Bale says, not any English player would get in Wales lol....I think he is right. Let's see if he is right.

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