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Arsenal to sign Jamie Vardy?
Lots of rumours going around that we have activated his release clause and his signing is imminent! WOW, have to say this is one of the most shocking Arsenal signings I have seen, very un-Wenger like but its encouraging that we are signing players! I'm skeptical of Vardy succeeding here but anyone is better then Giroud and is probably the best striker we can get at the moment.
[Image: 11822416_416192301919704_194991909173784...e=563738C1]
Its a weird signing but could be very effective reminds me of RVP and Utd. We are also in for Mahrez too.

(06-06-2016, 09:50 PM)FRANTIC Wrote: Its a weird signing but could be very effective reminds me of RVP and Utd. We are also in for Mahrez too.

I don't think that he'll be as effective as he has been with Leicester City. I hope that I am wrong because he is a joy to watch while his work rate is off the charts, but I think the Arsenal pampered fat cat syndrome will rub off on him the wrong way. Also he just enjoyed success with Claudio Ranieri who put him in position to succeed. I don't believe AW will do the same.
So you're weaking your competition?
Yeah we're doing what you do with Dortmund all the time Caritas_07
[Image: 11822416_416192301919704_194991909173784...e=563738C1]
Yeah but you doing seems to be fine and Bayern not...
Awwwwwwhhhh the poor fucker. He spends a dozen years trying to hit the big time then when he does, 2 years later, he fucks it right up again. Anyone with more than 2 braincells (I realise this excludes most scummer fans) will know that this transfer if it happens, is motivated by money and nothing else and will also prove that most footballers are as thick as pig shit.
R.I.P Jamie Vardy
If you didn't see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears. Don't invent it with your small mind or share it with your big gob!
It's not the fact Vardy is possibly a 1-season wonder that irks me because quite clearly he has qualities that are sadly lacking at Arsenal...a pair of balls being one of those!
In any event I'd rather a 1-season wonder than the no season, no wonder of the sort we have settled for post Highbury!

It's the fact we like to pontificate from our very high horse and laugh at other clubs for exhibiting such desperation.
Not that I have anything against desperation but if we are going to be desperate, we could at least go the whole 9-yards and get a Zlatan.
That's what irks me!

Now to add insult to injury, Vardy, Vardy, keeps us waiting: he will make up his mind after the Euros.
And we sit scratching our balls waiting for f..king Vardy to say "YES" to us!
So we are probably singing that song, "Don't say No, don't you say No tonight..." to Vardy
Meanwhile, back at ranch, City is about to sign PEA...a City that already has Aguerro, Kelechi and Bony.
And why is anyone better than Giroud, Aussie?
Anything to back that up, other than just perception?
Aussie doesn't like Giroud!

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